Yesterday, I played with my daughter on our terrace. It was quite cold, but in the afternoons, when it is a clear sky, this place gets warm and cosy from all the sunlight invading this corner of the house. We chased each other around the little red house that we have now put in the middle. I was the meat eater, and she was the environmental activist. We laughed a lot. At one moment she wanted to climb her little red house. And she did it in 10 seconds.
I said to her: “You did it!”
My wife noticed that from the kitchen and came saying to her: “It is dangerous, please get down”. At my end, I said: “For me it’s ok. I know that this is something easy for you. But mommy can’t handle this now. Please listen to her. I promise that we go together to the climbing gym tomorrow.”
“Climbing gym?..” She did not precisely understand what that is, but she said “Ok!”.

And next morning there we are, for the first time, in front of the gym.
I let her chosen the wall that she considered comfortable to climb. After few steps, she said that it’s enough.

“You did it!” I said. “Every day you can do more and more new adventures. You like trying new things. This means you are courageous.”
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