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This father is helping his daughter deal with her anger. ...

This father is helping his daughter deal with her anger. 😘❤ Credit: JukinVideo

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Mr. Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service sends us a clear message:

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Speaks for itself! unschoolersplatform.com #unschoolersplatform

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Without putting them down = not being harsh + not giving up ...

without putting them down = not being harsh + not giving up --- When we first knew we were going to become a parent many of us had high hopes centered around loving someone really well and smoothing out their lives a little bit better than had been done for us. And sooner or later for nearly every parent the ideas of love and closeness get overshadowed by feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm or a simple lack of joy for the work that is parenting. And when we feel that way, it's easy to treat our child more harshly than we'd like or to lose our sense of connection to them. When we feel that way, we do well to reach out for support so we can hold onto our children and find our way back to being the respectful parent we always hoped to be. (The image has an anonymous quote that popped out at me from the book 'Becoming the Parent You Want to Be", Laura Davis & Janis Keyser)

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Alfie's books are great. ...

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Care for sleep and care for feelings ...

Five ways Iceland got its young people to give up drink and drugs. (Via BBC World Hacks)

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What people say about me:

Rares Rares, husband, father, amateur runner

We aren’t born with, or we aren’t raised for developing parenting abilities or a sense of being a father or a mother. But what we can do along the way is to educate ourselves with the aid of reading, communicating with other (our) parents, listening, experiencing and being there for and with our family. And this is the portrait of my dear friend, Alex. He is the one that taught me about unconditional parenting, active listening and much more, but what’s more important he decided to BE THERE for his family. Above all that he is an incurable optimist, devoted father and a reliable friend. Thank you, Alex!

Simona Simona, amateur dancer, insolvency practitioner, passionate of personal development

I met Alex a few months ago, and the first things I noticed about him were his openness to people and his smile full of warmth. His very presence made me feel heard and understood from the first minute.
The few 121 coaching sessions with Alex, helped me become aware of the distorted image that I had created about myself. And to consider everything from a new perspective, to identify clearly what was holding me gridlocked and what steps I needed to take at my pace to achieve my goals. The entire process was conducted in a frame within which I felt safe and within which I was accompanied by Alex with great dedication and care.
And so I set out, with support from him, energy, self-trust, clarity and enthusiasm.
I am grateful that I have known you. You came into my life at a time when the only constant was the blockage.
Thank you Alex